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Why BlueC?

Motivating and inspiring

BlueC makes learning music inspiring and motivating. You can easily follow your progress and enjoy playing together.

Fun and benefit in one package

Using BlueC is fun and educational. Make music with your friends and band and take care of playing lessons easily through the app.

Best user experience and sound quality

Our app is easy to use - BlueC is for musicians of all ages and levels! We have not phased out the sound quality, so you can record your own playing in the best possible quality.

Support your local

BlueC is completely founded and developed by Finnish musicians.

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Hours of music lessons

Our team has over 50,000 hours of music lessons on the belt, so we know what it’s like to study music.


Kilometers of gig trips

Our team has traveled more than 300,000 kilometers in Finland and around the world, so we know what it’s like to work in the music industry.



Our team consists of musicians. From musicians to musicians.

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